If you are in a hurry – call Taxi “Marka” and don’t worry!

Nowadays citizens of any big modern city are constantly in a hurry. We all need to get to our destination in time – office, kindergarten, school, gym. Whether you want to meet with friends in a pub, to visit your parents or to catch a plane – nobody wants to be late. In such situations Taxi “Marka” can become your effective assistant. A comfortable car is at your disposal at any required time, night or day, to get you to any required destination.
Taxi “Marka” company offers a wide range of transport services on favourable terms. You have the possibility to choose a type of a car which suits you more; just ask any details about it when ordering. Our company has a car fleet of modern cars of different classes:

- passenger cars
- VIP cars
- passenger minibuses
- minivans and station wagons
- cargo minibuses

We constantly upgrade our cars and improve the services, keeping up to date with contemporary technologies. Our dispatchers use the software which automatically considers all the factors to define the price: the day of the week and time of the ride, traffic jams on the roads. A lot of other taxi companies do not give much consideration to preliminary analysis and calculation of the future ride. Our dispatchers treat the problem of traffic jams really seriously. Using the GPS system they get all the needed information about the city traffic in real-time mode.
Every day hundreds of people use our service because we are a client-oriented company. These are the things at your disposal:

- Comfortable cars
- Qualified dispatchers
- Polite high-class drivers
- Fixed and clear prices

Our company’s main principles are – comfort and affordability. We try to help you save both your time and money.

Save your money:
- We offer a range of discounts depending on the point of destination, the day of the week and time of the day.
- Minimal rate is 30 UAH per 4km in dormitory districts and 38 UAH in the city center.
- Discounts for our regular clients.

Save your time:
- Reach our dispatches at the first try through our multichannel telephone number.
- We immediately find you a car for a ride to any point of destination.
- You can calculate and choose your rout on our site by yourself.

Save your nerves:
- We will do our best to find a free car as quickly as possible.
- We will get you to the point of destination in comfortable and calm atmosphere.
- We will not promise things we cannot fulfill.

Because unlike other taxi companies we guarantee high quality services, exact rout calculating, the shortest possible time of fulfillment of your orders and your complete safety during the ride.
So, what do you need to do in order to get to the required place as soon as possible?
It is simple. Either calculate your rout on our website or call this number: +38 044 22-65-65